Lomatium Isolate Glycerite (8 ml) - eclecticherb
Lomatium Isolate Glycerite (8 ml) - eclecticherb

Lomatium Isolate Glycerite

Lomatium Isolate Glycerite

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Lomatium Isolate is derived from the Lomatium dissectum plant, a perennial herb native to western North America. This herb is not just a botanical wonder but also a plant with a rich history, having served as an essential element in the traditions of many Native American tribes. Its thick, woody taproot, along with tender young shoots, were historically used for food, healing, and ceremonial purposes.

The Energetics and Benefits of Lomatium Dissectum

The energetics of this herb is considered to be warming and drying, and it has an affinity for the immune system and for the lungs. Recognized for its powerful immune-boosting capabilities, this isolate is a top choice among physicians and highly regarded in the naturopathic community.

Lomatium Isolate: Purified and Concentrated

Our unique product stands out due to its exceptionally high purity and concentration. We use a unique process developed by our naturopathic physician and pharmacist founder that removes any resins present in other non-isolated Lomatium products and which can sometimes cause negative effects.

Our purification process ensures that our Lomatium Isolate delivers all the powerful benefits of the herb without the unwanted compounds found in less refined versions. It is highly concentrated with the active components of the Lomatium Dissectum plant and has exceptional high levels of activity.

History of Lomatium Isolate:

The development of our Lomatium Isolate is the result of years of dedicated research and innovation by our founder Ed Alstat, a seasoned pharmacist and naturopathic physician. His expertise in herbal extraction and extensive knowledge of the plant kingdom led to the creation of a formula that not only concentrates the potent properties of the Lomatium plant but does so in a way that maximizes safety and efficacy, making it our most popular immune support product.

Ingredients: 2 drams (8 ml) isolate approximately 1 gram of isolate suspended in Kosher vegetable glycerin, citric acid.

Suggested use: Shake well, 5-10 drops two times per day.

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use of unusual symptoms occur, consult your healthcare advisor on the use of herbs during pregnancy, with infants, and with prescriptions.

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Lomatium Isolate Glycerite (8 ml) - eclecticherb
Lomatium Isolate Glycerite (8 ml) - eclecticherb
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