Why Our Products?

Woman owned
Naturopath founded

We were founded by a naturopathic physician in 1982. We are 100% woman owned.

USA grown
Raw Whole Herb

We use locally grown whole raw herbs and fresh freeze-dry in house.

Non-GMO, No fillers

We are certified organic and all of our products are non-GMO and contain no fillers.

Our Herbs are Freeze-dried!

We use fresh freeze-drying on our herbs, and it's not just a process; it's a commitment to preserving nature's goodness. Unlike traditional methods that often involve heat, air exposure, or chemicals, our process retains the maximum potency and nutrients of the fresh herbs. We freeze-dry them at the peak of their vitality, ensuring that you receive the full spectrum of benefits in every product we offer. It's a technique born out of our passion for nature's remedies and our dedication to providing you with the very best in herbal supplements.

Our unique Glycerites use Lloyds Cold Still Distillation

Our glycerites are truly unique, crafted using an exclusive Lloyd Extractor method. We begin by macerating the herbs in alcohol to ensure optimal extraction, as alcohol proves to be the most effective menstruum for the process. Following this, we employ a Lloyd's Cold Still, a remarkable invention by the late and celebrated pharmacist and inventor, John Uri Lloyd. What sets our glycerites apart is their strength, matching that of our standard extract line, all achieved without the use of heat. Our Lloyd still, much like the one proudly displayed at the Smithsonian Museum, reflects our commitment to preserving the art and science of herbal extraction.

Our Amazing Extracts

We have been making extracts since 1982 and combine the rich knowledge of history with the widsom of science. Our extracts use herbs picked fresh at the peak of potency, macerated in grain-free organic alcohol, and then filtered until all remaining particles are removed. We scientifically calculate the correct formula for our extraction menstruum to fit each individual herb. Our passionate founder has always been ahead of his time and we were the first to use organic grain free alcohol because even before "gluten'free" became a thing, he knew that many people have dietary sensitivities to corn and grain.