Our Process

From farm to your door, preserved at Peak Plant Power to our history of ethical farming practices informs where we source our botanicals. We predominantly use the freshest herbs from local and US domestic farms that meet our high standards.



Since our founding, we favor domestically grown and ethically sourced herbs for our products. Plants for our freeze-driers must be sourced locally to preserve their properties as freshly as possible. Only the best fresh plants make it into our freeze-driers. Many of our plants are found within a 200 mile radius of our facilities.


Once we have selected the highest quality herbs for our products, they are quickly put through our in-house freeze dryers. Eclectic Herb was the first to discover the superiority of freeze drying herbs in 1988 and became the first company to implement the practice as a standard. 

Why Freeze Drying is the best way to preserve herbs:

With freeze-drying, the fresh herb is placed into a low pressure vacuum chamber, and then only the water is gently removed via sublimation. Freeze-drying is the perfect preservative, eliminating the need for any additives. Freeze dried herbs retain the majority of nutrients and minerals from their original state. Many herbs are fragile and require gentle processing, making freeze drying the superior way to preserve them due to the low temperature and low pressure. 

In addition, the shelf life of freeze dried herbs is substantially longer than non-freeze dried herbs. Because of the processing conditions (low temperature and rapid removal of water), deterioration reactions are minimized. When consuming Eclectic Herb freeze dried products, are receiving peak potency and power from when the herb was harvested.


Our extracts use herbs picked fresh at the peak of potency, macerated in grain-free organic alcohol, and then filtered until all remaining particles are removed. We scientifically calculate the correct formula for our extraction menstruum to fit each individual herb. Our passionate founder has always been ahead of his time. We were the first to use organic grain free alcohol  because many people have dietary sensitivities to corn and grain.


Eclectic Herb uses unique cold distillation processes to create our alcohol-free extracts. Our glycerite line is the same strength as our standard extract line and uses no heat. Our Lloyd still was developed by the renowned pharmacist John Uri Lloyd - and is the same as the Lloyd still that can be found on display at the Smithsonian museum.