Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Eclectic Herb. I'm Christine Alstat, the owner and heart behind our commitment to health and sustainability. My path as a plant-loving naturopath and herbalist, infused with my Japanese and New Zealand heritage, shapes our philosophy: to harness the healing power of plants in their purest form to promote health.

At Eclectic Herb, we offer more than just herbal products; we advocate a lifestyle in tune with nature's rhythms and the health of our planet. We create products that mirror our plants' wild, natural forms, capturing their vitality through our innovative freeze-drying technique. Freshly picked from the earth and transported gently through our freeze-driers, we create the best for you, and the best for our environment.

Our collection is the culmination of a passionate commitment to human health, the plants, and the Earth we all cherish.

Thank you for joining us.

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Eclectic's History

Our Story

Rooted in Naturopathic Origins & Female Leadership:
    Eclectic Herb traces its roots to America's oldest naturopathic school, where it was founded by Ed Alstat, a visionary in naturopathic medicine and pharmacy. Today, under the stewardship of his naturopathic wife, our journey continues as a wholly woman-owned venture, weaving together time-honored traditions with progressive health practices.

A Family's Dedication, Oregon's Pride:
    Our ethos is deeply embedded in our family's unwavering commitment to health, wellness, and the environment. From our home in Oregon, USA, we craft each product with naturopathic principals and a deep care for the Earth, reflecting our dedication to our planet and the true principles of natural health.

The Innovation of Freeze-Dried Herbal Craft:
    At Eclectic Herb, we start with whole, fresh US grown herbs and embrace the most advanced freeze-drying techniques to capture their inherent, nutrient-rich essence. This careful process ensures our products embody the full range of benefits nature intended, targeted to benefit your health.

Our History

Founder's Vision: Dr. Ed Alstat's Legacy
    Dr. Ed Alstat, a pharmacist and naturopathic physician, founded Eclectic Herb with a deep-rooted passion for plants and medicine. A graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, his vision took shape within the clinic dispensary, setting the foundation for our pioneering journey in herbal medicine.

Pioneering Organic Practices and Freeze-Drying
    Ed was a visionary, always steps ahead in the herbal realm. Eclectic Herb led the industry shift to using Organic Alcohol in our extracts, a move that underscored our commitment to both human health and environmental stewardship. Further revolutionizing the herb industry, we introduced freeze-drying, a process that aligns with traditional practices of consuming fresh herbs, to preserve the vitality and nutrients of plants at their peak.

Innovative Manufacturing: Alcohol-Free Glycerites
    Our innovation didn't stop there. Eclectic Herb uniquely manufactures alcohol-free glycerites, utilizing the Lloyd’s Cold Still technology, a legacy from the Original Eclectic Physicians. This technique sets us apart as the only company employing such a historic and effective method, continuing our tradition of herbal excellence and innovation.

Our Sourcing

Herbal Integrity & Sustainable Practices
    At Eclectic Herb, our process begins with the freshest of herbs, and our respect for the plants and the land they thrive on guides every step. Our team of expert wildcrafters has been sustainably harvesting wild plants at their peak potency for years, ensuring that each fresh harvest brought to our doorstep is of the highest quality.

Local Partnerships for Organic Excellence
    We extend our commitment to quality by partnering with local organic farmers. These collaborations are rooted in a shared goal to obtain the finest herbs, cultivated using the most optimal and sustainable farming methods. These fresh, organically grown herbs are then freeze-dried in-house, a process that retains their nutritional value and natural goodness.

Commitment to US-Grown Herbs
    Our dedication to providing the freshest and highest quality herbs extends to supporting local economies. With Turmeric and Ginger sourced from Hawaii, Milk Thistle from the Midwest, and Ginkgo leaves and Dandelions from Oregon, we proudly state that over 90% of our 150 herbs are grown in the US. This commitment not only ensures premium quality but also reinforces our support for American agriculture and sustainable practices.

Our Mission

At Eclectic Herb, we are deeply committed to the principle that nature is the key to a healthier life. Our mission is to create exceptional botanical products that respect the Earth's innate wisdom, while nurturing the well-being of individuals, our community, and the environment.

We are a Team:

    Our team unites years of experience with a shared dedication to authenticity and our historical roots. This commitment is at the core of our work as we produce botanical remedies of unparalleled quality.

We Respect the Power of Nature:

    We deeply respect nature's extraordinary power and embrace our role as its stewards. This respect shapes every decision we make, from carefully sourcing the finest botanicals to continually refining our processes. Our commitment is to maintain the highest standards, driven by nature's transformative power.

We are a Reflection of our Values:

    Eclectic Herb is more than just a company; we are a reflection of our values, embodying respect for our planet and its inhabitants. Our mission is straightforward but impactful: to utilize the gifts of the Earth for health, harmony, and a sustainable future for all.

Outreach and Social Responsibility

Junior Herbalist Camps:

    Our naturopathic owner possesses a deep-seated commitment to imparting herbal wisdom to the generations that follow. In this spirit, Eclectic has been a proud host of Junior Herbalist and Garden to Table summer camps, nurturing young minds and fostering a love for herbs and nature. Furthermore, we have organized educational retreats tailored for Naturopathic students, providing them with invaluable insights into the healing power of plants.

Internship Programs:

    In line with our mission to make herbal education accessible, Eclectic has run internship programs that offers free herbal education to underserved communities, empowering individuals with knowledge that can enhance their well-being.

The Alstat Clinic:

    Eclectic also proudly extends its support to the Alstat Clinic, a visionary initiative conceived by our founder, Ed Alstat. This clinic, housed within the Wellspring church and overseen by Dr. Les Moore, a pastor and naturopathic physician, stands as a beacon of hope for many diverse communities. Through contributions of botanical supplements and nutrients, Eclectic plays an integral role in enabling the clinic to provide free healthcare services to those in need. Our collaboration extends further through the Storehouse Collaborative, a supplement and nutraceutical bank serving four inner-city New York churches, amplifying our commitment to holistic health and community well-being.

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