Happy 41st Birthday!

Oct 10, 2023

Celebrating 41 Years of Herbal Excellence

Today, we embark on a journey through time, celebrating our remarkable 41-year legacy in the world of herbal wellness. Our story unfolds in the year 1982 when our visionary founder, Ed Alstat, a pharmacist and naturopathic physician, embarked on a mission to transform the herbal industry.

Ed drew inspiration from the heritage of Eclectic Medicine, a botanical based medical approach that bloomed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ed's vision was to bridge the past and present by reintroducing the world to the profound potential of the plant kingdom. In doing so, he sought to honor tradition while embracing innovation, utilizing cutting-edge freeze-drying techniques to preserve the freshness and unlock the benefits of nature's botanical treasures.

A groundbreaking moment arrived when we became the pioneers of innovative freeze-drying technology applied to botanicals. This achievement allowed us to preserve herbs in as close to a fresh state as possible, maintaining previously unseen levels of nutrient preservation. In our need for fresh material to freeze-dry, we started to grow our own herbs and our commitment to sustainability and organic practices has been unwavering. Our 90-acre certified organic farm near Sandy, Oregon, became a cornerstone, supplying locally grown herbs for freeze-drying and extraction. We championed organic gardening and farming, and the use of organic alcohol for liquid extracts to set a high standard for environmental responsibility.

Ed Alstat received numerous accolades for Eclectic's achievements throughout his lifetime, and just as Ed did in the early days of Eclectic Institute, we remain unwavering in our commitment to the journey of every herb we source. This commitment isn't just a part of our heritage; it's a living tradition we carry forward with great pride. From the very moment these botanical wonders sprout from the fertile earth, we embark on a journey of dedication and care and are proud to continue our Founder's legacy of producing the best botanical products possible.

Another side of our company that we are very proud of is our passion for education and making the wisdom of plants accessible to all. We have offered kid's summer camps that foster a connection to the natural world, impactful internship programs with a goal of providing herbal education to those who might otherwise be unable to access it, and earth-focused events for graduating naturopathic doctors. We have also reprinted historical texts and supported contemporary herbalist and naturopathic doctor authors through our publishing company.

Presently, Eclectic Herb proudly stands under the ownership and leadership of the founder's wife, a devoted naturopath with an unwavering commitment to the healing power of nature. Her profound love for plants fuels her dedication to the well-being of humans, plants, and the Earth.

Throughout our remarkable journey, our team of dedicated employees has remained steadfast, forming the bedrock of our organization. Their unyielding support and shared dedication to our sustainability goals have propelled us forward in our mission to promote health, ecological balance, and a harmonious coexistence with the natural world. Together, we continue to tread the path of herbal excellence, seeking innovative ways to harness the vitality of nature for the benefit of all.

As we reflect on this 41-year journey, we are profoundly grateful for your unwavering trust and support. Thank you for being part of our community and sharing our passion for the healing power of plants. You are an integral part of the Eclectic Herb family, and we are excited to push forward into the future, continuing to uphold our tradition of herbal excellence. Here's to another year of health, well-being, and herbal wisdom together! 🌱💚

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